First Days of Game Development

I declare to the world, how I will truly start writing my thoughts, throw them into the ether that is the Internet to see what the responses are. And then I go completely silent instead, ironically enough.

Christmas was a busy season for me, and the last weeks I have been busy travelling to Sweden for a new job. I have been hired as a contracted Content Designer at Paradox, on Crusader Kings 2.

My very first job in Game Development, seeing the other side of whatever is the business that delivers those experiences. I have been working at Paradox for a little over 2 weeks now,  getting to know everyone, getting used to everything.

I wouldn’t used the term “wild ride”, because honestly speaking .. I don’t think game development or IT in general can fit too well into that term because of our very sitting nature. But it has been an information overloard, and newness all around. I will be in Stockholm for 2 and a half weeks more, before I go back home to Norway, so this is a bit like my .. Halfway through my stay kind of update.

I have to say, it absolutely shocked me how welcomed I was at Paradox. Everyone I’ve met and talked to have been friendly to me, helped me out and taken care of me, and I could hardly ask for more. I have made some experiences I probably shouldn’t have had to learn, and I have done things I probably shouldn’t have. But that is all a part of the learning that is new jobs, specially one like these.

I feel like I am finally starting to fit in, and starting to find my spot on the team and in the development of the next expansion for Crusader Kings 2. I am super excited to see how things progress from here on out.

And finally .. Now that everything has settled down, I think I am ready to start writing down my thoughts once more, pack them into a ball and throw them at the Internet. Who knows, maybe something will stick in the long run!

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